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Google closes Google+ social network after discovering a vulnerability

Personal data of half a million accounts have been exposed, according to the American firm.

Google has decided to close its Google+ social network for individuals. The reason ? The US firm announced Monday, October 8, to have discovered a flaw in this network having exposed personal data of half a million accounts. Following this flaw, and having found a great inactivity of the users, the giant of the internet has decided to close for individuals this social network which is automatically registered people with a gmail address.The name of the owners of 500,000 accounts, their email address, their profession, their gender and their age are the main data that has been exposed, ensures Google on its site. User-posted data such as messages, Google account information, phone numbers could not be viewed or viewed, the Mountain View Group (California) adds, arguing that it could not identify with certainty the users affected by the fault, and their location.In addition to half a million accounts, up to 438 applications are also affected by this flaw discovered during an internal audit.

Google claims that the app developers were unaware of the flaw and therefore did not use the exposed data: "We did not find evidence that the data was used inappropriately."Google+, which boasts millions of users, is primarily used by professionals who are interested in specific topics and can view updates of their contacts via "circles". These are groups of contacts created by the user according to the criteria of his choice: interests, categories of customers, relationships, etc. and in which it is possible to decide what content will be shared.

Source: https://www.nouvelobs.com/les-internets/20181008.OBS3611/google-ferme-son-reseau-social-google-apres-avoir-decouvert-une-faille.html

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Comments (11)
    • yeah, wow, that is terrible...😳 

      • No bueno....which means not good in Spanish.

        • Malo is better

          • No one can fix google+ vulnerabilities? Is there only a way to close Google+ social network. 

            Say Google to sell Google+ to me.😀 (Just joking)

            • Is this good news?

            • I would argue that Google+ closed not because of data protection issues. Privacy breaches happened to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Pinterest and many other sites - generally it didn’t make any difference. Google+ failed because they were trying to create a generic social network - something Facebook has covered and people didn’t feel the need for another “stay in touch with all your friends and share funny videos” network. They failed to offer a differentiating factor and simply didn’t have the numbers.  This privacy issue was the final blow to an already failing project. 

              If you want your community to thrive - choose a niche and own it. Make it the best place to, say, discuss how to grow mushrooms, or a community of ramen noodle fans - it will grow, it will be sustainable and meaningful. If you make a “me too” product - you’d be in same bit as google+. 

              • Yes you are right. We should create a unique thing.

                • That's exactly what I thought Andrew, Windows has had thousands of flaws, but that does not mean he's still there. Google + has never worked. No need to try to compete on Facebook, it's lost in advance. 100% the same analysis on my side. It is just an excuse to stop spending without losing face.I have often heard of Facebook as a reference here, and I do not want Una to work the same way, that's why.There is enough with a Facebook, now the proof is now there. that's why I thought that this article had its place here.

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