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Impressive mobile progress on my site 2017 => 2018

I think everyone should look at this and if they can, look at their own statistics as well. I compared 3 months of activity in 2018 with the same period in 2017. Woaw!I knew that the mobiles were in constant progression, but I did not realize how much. It's impressive, is not it?I had the idea to check this because my Dolphin member complains a lot he is not comfortable on mobile, and also because we talked a lot about this subject here on una.io lately.Well, the dice are thrown! I did test people who complained about dolphin and they are delighted by trying una. +++!It is urgent to take the leap, so Una team, let me tell you that your work is of paramount importance! It becomes really difficult to keep pace with Dolphin.I'm certain that just by the ease of navigation, it will give a great boost after the difficult course of migration, of course! Stress assured!My fear is that you are not trying to move forward on both sides, to please everyone, which I understand very well, but there is so much work to be done on Dolphin that una will not move for a long time if you do that, and yet he must still evolve a lot too.Here, let me know what you think, Una team, and also those who are in the same dilemma as me, between the two my heart swings ;-)Between envy and fear. Please Alexey , fix dolphin migration issues, I'll probably need them very soon, and others too, it has to work 100%.


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