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Can anybody explain me, please, what's the point in Persons? Why do anybody needs this? How to get rid off?

It's very confusing - to make profile (with name) after you have made profile (with name) on Join page. How, in what verbs do wee (site developers) need to explain that to our client-members, who's only wish - to get clear, simple, and nice way to Join and Log-in. Ok, nice it is already. What about the rest? 

Thanx in advance for answer. Boonex :)

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    • NOTE: Since this is a question, not a blog post, please use Discussions to post something like this next time. The Persons app is a profile module. UNA separates Accounts from Profiles, so your users can create public profiles of different types and on implementation stage you can decide what kind of profiles to support. For example, one user may choose to have a personal profile and a company profile when using your site. If you want a more conventional, streamlined experience, you can set "Default Profile" in UNA Studio (Studio > Settings > Account > Default Profile Type). This will redirect newly registered users to the form that creates a public profile of your choice right after the initial registration. In effect, it would work/look like a two-step registration form.
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