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The ability to let members know if staff has entered a topic or so on

Hello Everybody MyZoid Here.

 You may all be thinking how can i better make staff presence known between discussion,posts and any other message so on & so on also you may have noticed that Alex T⚜️ << has this symbol next to his name well its easier than one may think.

if you go to this website https://coolsymbol.com/  or this website https://getemoji.com/  you can do the same thing to add to staff accounts this helps members know when staff is in a topic post or sending a message but you will need to set guide lines within your terms of use/privacy policy about impersonating staff with the staff icon and saying there staff.

 there should be a way to make your own image that can be copyrighted but im going to look into how emojis are made if anyone could shed some light that would be most helpful. 

i added this because i already know it from pre social network days when developing websites for fun as i know this was brought up by a member within a discussion post well this is a way to do so here are some images that i have done with accounts.


Up Above you can see the Sys Warnings Account!.. this account will issue system warnings to members for breaking site rules. anyways as you can see the icon at the front of the name is used within the profile pic. this is used what it looks like without a profile pic uploaded to this account it replaces the big S within the profile pic with 👮‍♂️ as you can see its very effective.


in this example i added a star at the end of this admin profile you will see also within the image above and below this paragraph that it follows you site wide as what ppl would want when making there presence known


hope this helps people who want members to know when staff is in a discussion,post ect!.

This is my 1st post so please be kind :-D

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