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UNA 10 Beta 1 Released

The first Beta for UNA10 is available now. Please, note that this is the very first public release and it is not considered stable, though we will make sure to release follow up updates promptly to address all reported issues.

All Betas are upgradable, so if you do choose to upgrade now, you will be able to progressively upgrade all the way to a stable release. 

For detailed descriptions and links to all included tickets please refer to UNA 10b1 release notes

New modules

System enhancements

  • Minimal required PHP version was changed to 5.6 - #2029
  • Reactions - #2139 #1691
  • Relationships - #1907
  • Optimizations - #2114 #2100
  • Labels remake - #2102 #1960
  • Encoding to webm format was removed, instead 720p mp4 additional video format was added - #1852
  • Delayed publishing for posts with videos - #1465
  • Design changes - #2113 #2105 #2095 #2094 #2016 #1994 #1868 #1859
  • Ability to specify membership level as privacy for Admins - #1132
  • Homepage submenu - #2120
  • Automatic 'More' menu item for some menus - #2123 #1993
  • Option to hide item on mobile app in Pages and Menu builders - #2039
  • Ability to choose embed provider (Embedly, Iframely) or turn it off - #1982
  • Automatically renew browser's cache when system or module is updated when UNA cache is off - #2112
  • Don't send system email notification about Friend Request if Notifications module is enabled - #2087
  • Immediate subscription cancellation, instead of cancellation request - #2047
  • Enhancements in 'Live Updates' notification popups - #2059
  • Warn about wrong account during app purchasing in Studio Apps Market - #1876
  • Add support for Block End form element in Studio Forms builder - #1919
  • More descriptive error message for Studio multilingual field - #2077
  • 'Clear custom cache' action was added in Studio dashboard cache block
  • Retina images are more optimized for mobiles now - #2004
  • Add minimum word length setting which allows to search in global search - #1983
  • InnoDB support (some manual actions required) - #2130
  • Separate membership action for view voters list - #2129
  • Group based modules: improvements - #1908 #1782
  • Profile based modules: separate privacy field for post to - #1816
  • Profile based modules: display the same cover on all profile sub-tabs - #1816
  • Profile based modules: unit meta info enhancements - #2115
  • Profiles based modules: display number of friends and followers on profile view page - #2018
  • Persons based modules: simple browsing unit with just an image and title - #1961
  • Display users' avatars in manage grids - #2036
  • Autogenerated passwords are alphanumeric without special chars now - #2013
  • Count impressions in Views object - #1658
  • Service method support for list of checkboxes in search form - #2116
  • Service method which returns number of online users - #1959
  • readfile function was added to disable_functions checking in audit page
  • When form initialisation is complete bx-form-processed CSS class for form element is added - #1988
  • Some enhancements in informer - #2099
  • Language changes - #2060 #2050

Modules enhancements

  • Posts: allow to post different type of content (similar to post to Timeline) - #1630
  • Timeline: allow to repost from context - #2097
  • Timeline: get rid of duplicate posts - #2086
  • Timeline: design changes - #2085 #1930 #1898
  • Timeline: drag&drop uploader - #1713
  • Timeline: caching - #2040
  • Timeline: updates in get events list alert - #1900
  • Protean: Light and Dark mixes - #2096
  • Protean: design changes - #1869
  • Notifications: improved behaviour when switching from/to grouped mode - #2145
  • Notifications: scores support - #2138
  • Notifications: some enhancements - #2041
  • Notifications: better titles - #2002
  • Discussions: design changes - #1891
  • Conversations: new filter for unread messages - #2091
  • Events: some enhancements - #2125 #2090 #1992
  • Albums: some enhancements - #2089 #1991 #1918
  • Antispam: profanity words filter - #2028
  • Invitations: allow to set several emails in "Email to send invitation requests to" - #2068
  • Developer: allow to set/edit 'Hide On' for menu items in Menu builder - #2057
  • Persons/Orgs: add ability to search by email in persons administration grid - #2027
  • Persons/Orgs: online status on profile view page - #2019
  • Accounts: ability to show all unconfirmed accounts - #1972
  • Market: some enhancements - #1901 #1832
  • Analytics: mobile view change - #1874
  • Froala: update to v.3.0.0 - #2124
  • FontAwesome: update to v.5.9.0 - #2031

125+ bugfixes


Download UNA 10.0.1.b1 - for new installation


  • if you are using Amazon S3 storage then you need to rename bx_posts_files folder to bx_posts_covers in your S3 bucket

Update from 9.0.1 via Studio

Please, note that this is a Beta release, so it doesn't show in Studio automatically if you already updated to 9.0.1. 

If you choose to apply this update please make the following changes after your site is updated to 9.0.1:

Edit file inc/classes/BxDolUpgrader.php


protected $_sUrlVersionCheck = 'https://v.una.io/';


protected $_sUrlVersionCheck = 'https://v.una.io/beta/'; 

This will allow for beta release updates to be applied.

More detailed instructions from Chris - https://una.io/page/view-discussion?id=3216


More info about this release will follow during this week (we had a long day). Thank you so much for your patience and for helping us test the new update!

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Comments (105)
    • Nice! I do have one question/concern though... First, my UNA version says 9.0.0 and NOT 9.0.1. Is that an issue?
      Also, I DO see the update available in Studio: "UNA 10.0.0-B1 is available!" So if I want to install it, I can. If I do not want to install it, I need to remove the option for auto-upgrade correct?

      • Well I figured out why I am so different. Seems the UNA 9.0 version I originally downloaded here at UNA already had the inc/classes/BxDolUpgrader.php set to /Beta/ already. Not sure how since I never altered that file so, I never got the update to 9.0.1. Looks like I will need to do that first.. 😡 

          • The difference between 9.0.0 and 9.0.1 is only the one is from main branch and the other from Betas. If you have 9.0.0 it will suggest to update and will only update to 9.0.1. After that you will need to rewrite the line in the upgrader file as explained in my post and perform update to 10. 

          • I installed the upgrade. But it still says 9.0.1. Now all of the modules are available for upgrade but can not be upgrade. I received an email for every module that I tried upgrade.

          • “Background operation failed with the following message.Check the script version for compatibility: The new version of Videos module isn't compatible with your version of UNA. Please upgrade UNA first (Studio > Dashboard > Version) and then try to upgrade the module.”

            • Hello, Tim Burleigh, seems, your UNA not updated yet.
              Please try again to update it, so that the version was similar to my screenshot.
              After this, all modules will allow update

            • FYI - Notification counter is not showing up here at UNA even though I have new notifications. 

              Also - from the UNA homepage, I cannot tell there are any comments to this post unless I open it up. 

              • Same here!

              • How can the upgrade be done if you're using version 9.01 and you don't get the channel to upgrade

                • I confirm its upgradable when you are from 9.01...now havent tested yet ...what is unfindable is infos on PLYR and Nexus...another mistery to unravel..

                  • How do you upgrade the 9.01 to 10 Alex?

                  • Здравствуйте, я скачал пакет обновления zip una10 куда загрузить этот архив, в какую папку? ИЛИ ЖЕ Я ПРОСТО ДОЛЖЕН ЗАГРУЗИТЬ КАЖДУЮ ПАПКУ И ФАЙЛ С ЗАМЕНОЙ У СЕБЯ НА СЕРВЕРЕ?

                  • Trying on 2 servers.  No luck.  Get this in logs.  I am not trying to update to 9.01 and Dashboard button says it is an update to UNA 10.  

                    I have 3rd server I am not updating.  I don't see an update log - I do see an update module log.  Last successful update was 5/15 or so and after that an error - can't get a list of modules. It is a beta site with 500 users. I assume all there data will be lost updating the site.  No one is going to lke that. 

                    Every time I click the update button the same error is thrown in the log. 

                    --------- 2019-06-25T15:02:01+00:00

                    9.0.0-9.0.1 upgrade will be applied

                    Files permissions are ok and can be overwritten

                    ERROR:Files copying failed

                    • I followed the instructions and clicked the update button in studio dashboard to upgrade. Then I went to edit the Edit file inc/classes/BxDolUpgrader.php, it says "protected $_sUrlVersionCheck = 'https://v.una.io/beta/';" but I didn't change anything. In the instructions, it says to change it to "protected $_sUrlVersionCheck = '_https://v.una.io/beta/';".

                      Notice that there is a "_" before https. Do I need to include the "_" before https? Because I am still seeing the update button in the dashboard.

                      • You don't need _ signt in URL.

                        • So, important! I'm in the same situation as Chris, I do not know why, so version 9.0.1 was never offered to me.

                          So initially, check this point. If you are in 9.0.0 and the 10 beta update is offered, do not do it.

                          Edit inc / classes / BxDolUpgrader.php

                          protected $ _sUrlVersionCheck = '_https: //v.una.io/'; to ===> (9.0.1)

                          Then to get 10 beta edit as follows:

                          protected $ _sUrlVersionCheck = '_https: //v.una.io/beta/'; to ===> (10.0.1 beta)

                          • I just used 'https://v.una.io/beta/' url to update from 9.0.1 to 10.0.0 and it worked for me.
                            • That works but, as Baloo stated, me and him were never on 9.0.1. We were both on 9.0.0 and that was because the download of 9.0 originally had /beta/ in the inc/classes/ BxDolUpgrader.php file. So when I checked this morning, I could see the update to Beta in my Dashboard. So before I could do the update, I removed the /beta/ from that file, upgraded to 9.01 FIRST, then added back the /beta/ so I could install UNA 10. 

                            • Anton L I just tried it with the _ sign in the url and the upgrade message went away in the studio dash, then I removed it now the message is back. Then I tried a different character "$" instead of the _ sign to test and the message went away again. Now I don't know what I am doing. It seems like I can put any symbol there and the message will go away, but without it the message stays.

                            • I just tried to update the apps after using the _ symbol and they say that my version is not compatible. The version still says 9.0.0 in the dash.

                            • Anton L can you take a look at my discussion post regarding how to change the Reactions? 😉 

                              • Followed Baloo's instruction.  Buttons now read 9.0.1 - same error and no update to 9.0.1.

                                I assume I will have to reinstall.  I don't want to lose the 500 beta users, but I am assuming that is the only way.  Just doesn't seem like a good option.  

                                Any ideas?

                              • Can't apply upgrade because the following files were modified: https://soay.com/imghosting/image/cAtAV
                              • I did see this in one log.  Other logs are impossible to read because of Onsignal errors thrown from the Studio app where Onesignal isn't needed:

                                Fixed Onesignal - logs show nothing.

                                • Anyone else get the following: Can't apply upgrade because the following files were modified: inc/classes/BxDolUpgrader.php

                                • Working great so far! Thanks a lot for the update and fixes

                                  • Is the relationship feature not there fully yet? I noticed I have no option on my own site and noticed it is not showing the button to add relationship on UNA.IO neither. If it is not until future I can hide it for now so figured I would ask.

                                  • Got it thank you 

                                    • Unable to update too many files have been modified 33% how can I fix?

                                      • Hello.

                                        You need to do the following:
                                        1. Go to Studio -> Settings -> Site Settings and enable 'Force auto-update, even if some files were modified' setting.

                                        2. Edit inc/classes/BxDolInstallerUtils.php file, find the following line

                                        define('BX_FORCE_AUTOUPDATE_MAX_CHANGED_FILES_PERCENT', 0.05);

                                        and replace 0.05 with 0.99

                                        3. Apply update from Studio -> Dashboard -> Version section.

                                        NOTE!!! All your customizations will be overwritten in this case and most of them are corrupted. You may use this way if you are sure that all your changes aren't needed and can be restored.

                                        • I have successfully updated thanks. But now the app market no longer works

                                        • I’m getting this message after editing the file and trying to upgrade

                                        • I really upset 😞 Shopify module did not got upgraded Andrew/Anoton pls fix this module as its in github open. My site will have a shop and i need this fix ASAP. Thanks

                                        • Still unable to upgrade to 9.01 or 10.  I have tried everything suggested and nothing works. system log doesn't show anything on this.  I had no response - from UNA staff. Any suggestions? I would like to be able to manually install 10 and then update the database and restore photos. I assume I can do this, but a bit of input by UNA staff would help.

                                          • I had the same issue, check you have your cron job set with all ***** that sorted it for me.

                                            • Подскажите пожалуйста, что не так поврежден код? Cron раньше работал нормально, но потом стала приходить такая ошибка

                                              • OK, so i need some advice here, if UNA10 is at Beta1, then why am i seeing the upgrade to UNA10 on one site that i manage. See pic please....

                                              • I can not install Lucid, this is the error I am getting: 

                                                Cannot update module from "boonex/lucid/updates/update-9.04-10.0.0/" directory

                                                Can anyone help? What do I need to change to install Lucid?

                                                • I can only access my pages if I append "?skin=lucid&preview=1" 

                                                  However this will not allow me to install the updated modules, the una wheel just spins when I click install Lucid

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