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UNA 6 RC5 and RC6 released with Photos, @-mentions, Quote of the Day and more.

The new updates - RC5 and the RC6 follow-up - have been released last week, brining a number of fixes, general improvements and two new modules - Photos and Term of the Day

Perhaps the biggest system improvement is the support of @mentions. Now, in various text fields across UNA modules you can mention users by typing the "@" sign and choosing the user from the dropdown list. in the output it will link to the user automatically. Like so - Andrew Boon

Mentions can be tricky to get right, as they really depend on the site approach to profiles naming, relationship between users and notification settings. So, we invite you to try @mentions and share your feedback and ideas on how we can improve this new feature.



New modules

System Enhancements

  • Ability to mention person or organization with '@' symbol - 1048 670
  • All DB fields and tables was converted to utf8mb4 - 1054
  • Showcase block in all content modules - 1057
  • Textarea fields was switched to TinyMCE - 1055
  • Push notifications queue - 1053
  • Mail messages queue - 1022
  • Ability to specify different form display for add/edit/view content forms in service call - 1070
  • Allow to set free & unlimited membership by level_id GET param during profile creation - 1066
  • Service blocks with predefined search term - 1036
  • Injections and Template keys reorganization - 1015
  • Forms: ability to use multiple submit buttons - 1033
  • Menus: notification counters now works in toolbar menu - 1061
  • Grids: custom options for 'filter', 'order_field', 'order_dir' in sys_objects_grid table - 1060
  • Studio Market Apps: confirmation when click 'delete' button - 1064

Modules enhancements

  • Timeline: preview for images and videos - 1000
  • Market: publish/unpublish feature - 1077
  • Invitations: request invitation form was updated - 1080
  • Events: 'Country' and 'Country, City' items in snippet menu - 1058
  • Payment: allow user to cancel his Stripe subscription - 1052

36+ bugfixes


  • Requirements were changed, minimal MySQL version is now 5.5.3









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