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UNA.IO reaches 1000 registered accounts!

The first and arguably the most important milestone of 1000 real accounts is now reached!  Our goal is 1 million, and this is only the first step, and the smallest one, too. Next target is 10,000.

We are so excited about reaching the first thousand, because that when things are just being established, features fine-tuned and first real-life usage patterns become apparent. 


Now, check out the content distribution...

We have a healthy 3:1 ratio of People and Organisations, with most of the activity happening in the Discussions section. The Messenger is also active, but we are not pilling the posting stats from it yet (coming soon). 

A lot of content here is posted while testing UNA functionality, so we delete most of it occasionally. Among other strategies we plan to encourage more posts of non-test content to different modules. And once we pick up some pace and get to a few thousands users we should see some activity in Groups. The Events would likely become relevant only after we pass a 100K milestone. 

We are now adding 5-10 new accounts a day. As soon as we figure out the market fit and marketing budget we should be able to accelerate the pace. And, as promised, we'll be telling you about every win and every loss, so that you could learn and apply useful bits in your project.

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Comments (5)
    • Thank for the success of una and i think every organization have to use it, its simple, interesting and helpfull for all types of business to advertised there self businesses in una.
      • 1. Congratulations!! With no doubts, you deserve it. 2. I'm sure that IF UNA was more convenient (privacy levels, push and so) - MACH MORE people would like to switch from others Engines :)) ... (register on UNA.io) The point is - to choose how to bring them. 3. I'm not sure that to cut-off good parts of code is the best way to make your product more convinient (compare Post in Events or Groups / UNA vs Dolph7.3) 4."we should see some activity in Groups"... Andrew, can you, please, describe your vision of Groups. How it have to work in 9 Release?
        • Groups should gradually become a lot like "mini-communities", aggregating various features within the permission settings of the group, including the Messenger, Discussions, Albums, Files, etc. We already use the UNA Inc Group here on UNA.IO for our team to collaborate (it's a private group), communicate and share files. As we are using it, we keep improving it, adjusting to real-world needs. :)
        • Congratulations are in order. You have an awesome team of hard and smart workers, Andrew. Hopefully, the 1000 marker will be the tipping point for future exponential growth. With regard to the marketing, the product will sell itself as users and owners are completely satisfied. Hopefully, there will be simplified ONE TIME pricing without separate bills for separate modules, etc, paid on a monthly basis. True, some desire this but for others it is a quick deal-breaker. Again, thank you for creating this platform. I wish I could have found it sooner.
          • One time pricing is a bit of an issue. See, when you sign up for a plan, it's for access to updates and support. Even if you only pay for the first month you get to keep the software forever. Or you can simply download it from our GitHub repo. For our monthly fee you just get the convenience of the automatic installation, updates and support. With community support it's only $29/mo or $290/year for the who whole package. Now, we could offer something like a "permanent" license for it, but in practice I see how this practice creates unhealthy habits, when the clients that aren't on subscription become "less important". It's also very hard to budget for future development then. So, let's say a $600 investment would buy you over 2 years of subscription. Beyond 2 years your project would either be able to pay for itself comfortably or become obsolete. :)
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