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UNA Mobile Apps - Compile iOS App From Scratch under Mac OSX

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    • Android pls Alex T⚜️  ty

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      • Some of the basic steps are not included and I had to watch this video over and over again to notice some of the things Alex should have began with. Firstly the black screen, what is it? I only realised after a lot of confusion that it's a Terminal, and judging from the menu I saw, an Apple computer is being used to create this iOS App. 

        It may sound stupid or irrelevant, but we need to know these things, step by step. A tutorial is supposed to start things from scratch, before you install any patches or anything like that. Some people (like myself) are not experienced in this field, we're new, so being specific really saves a lot of time. It's only people who've used a terminal before that'll know what it looks like, so what about those who've never seen it before? You need to state if an Apple computer is compulsory for the creation of an iOS App or if any is fine, etc. Information is important, otherwise you leave us with a lot of questions and frustrations (how to change colour, icons, etc.) 

        So please be specific. From start to finish. Even if the video ends up taking 3 hours, it's fine, as long as you don't leave anything out.

      • All this is showing is how to download the mobile build code and run it in a simulator... Is there another video explaining changing the config within the app and uploading the build from xcode to the applestore?

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