I noticed when I did do my upgrade the timeline module gave me a 42% difference so I forced the change as suggested in the upgrade section on Git.

Now my timeline shows errors on certain profile pages from what I can see.

It is present in all themes.

Can I just replace some file? I CANNOT  reinstall the timeline which contains 3 years of information.

Alex T⚜️ worked on my timeline module several times in the past and I suspect it was those changes he made.


  • image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=1515&dpx=1&t=1561930349I posted the wrong image, that was for the post module which was 44%.

    The timeline was 12%

    Curious now, the post to timeline on the profile will not show this error on my cloned site. Possible that some files didn't really get change?

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    • Why can't we remove the wrong photo when we edit our post here?

      This is the timeline image.

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      • Hi Micheal. I think I made this same mistake by forcing the upgrade. My Timeline and Photos now have problems. They may be Protean related as well.

        I deleted and reinstalled several modules and they downloaded and re-activated fine but did not work as before. Apparently there is the possibility of not "completely deleting" a deleted module.

        Do you really believe that 44 percent of your module files were modified? I had a similar figure which was quite surprising.

        So, I am writing to alert others to perhaps hold back on this BETA if you have to force it. That is, unless you are very brave and very smart.

               ~ Good luck! ~

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        • banister That is what the upgrader calculated.


          The Post module showed the 44%.

          This is only on the profile timeline feed, the error shows at the top. The post to the profile timeline never actually "post."

          I've still not tried to fix it.

          Long ago before 9.0.0 was released, I started my site June 2016. It was a beta then and I had problems when it was upgraded to 9.0.0, I had to have AlexT fix it to show back then and this was simular.

          I'm going to start looking at the actual files that show in the errors.

          My hope is this will be a simple fix or I will have to again revert back to 9.0.1 using the last backup before upgrade to B1, B2 will be out soon so I hope It'll address some of my issues. I've informed all members not to change much via my Discord Server that is incorported into the site. They all like the new look and features.

          I'm not going to complain because I know this is a Beta release and not intended for a live active site. just try to report the errors for the developers. 

          Like the one about site guest able to edit all media titles and was posted to Git and fixed already.

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