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My site has been slowing to a crawl at times, even with only 20 members online.  During some of these slow periods, the average page load time exceeds 70 seconds.  Opening a comment window can take 30 seconds.  Posting sometimes takes so long (with a long delay after the spinning icon stops) that our members end up posting multiple times because they think it didn't work.  Also, some users are not able to log in because it times out.

Our server set up has been optimized by the UNA team and our host.  They're a solid host, and our server specs exceed those of UNA's Cloud16.  We chose the specs we did, based on UNA's recommendations for a site with 150 online users / 100,000 members, but we're still seeing issues with only 20 online.  We've checked our server logs for issues and monitored server load, and it rarely gets very high, even when users are experiencing the slowdown.

This occurs at seemingly random times during the day and is causing a lot of our members to be frustrated.  Many have left because of it. 

Has anyone dealt with this or resolved a similar issue or have ideas?   

This is on UNA 9.0.0, not 10.



  • There are many performance-related update in v10. We are releasing Beta2 tomorrow, so perhaps consider updating. There are some rather critical issues in v9’ that cause slow loading of feeds, blocking loading of embeds and notifications. These were addressed in v10. 

    Also, if it’s happening only at certain times - check you backup system - it may often cause slowdowns. 

    • Are thr mobile apps going to be available with the upgrade?

      • Hi Andrew,

        Thank you for the reply.  Our back up is set to run during non-peak times for us, so we've ruled that out as the issue.  We are looking forward to upgrading to 10, but there were too many issues when we did an update on our test server, so we didn't want to push the beta to our live server too soon.


        • I could see the 10 beta has a much lower score on GTMetrix than the previous version. I assume that will improve as you get closer to a final release?

          • Andrew, please clarify.  It sounds to me as though you are saying that UNA v9 is not viable for large competitive markets and since V10 is not yet "stable," that UNA is only suited for small communities in uncompetitive niches.  Surely that's not what you mean. 

            • Hello, I had serious problems like that with php 7.2-fpm on Ubuntu, the mysql queries were terribly slow, I've been looking for weeks on this problem and then I saw that I was not the only. The solution for me was to go back to 7.1-fpm and the problems then disappeared, it works very quickly. I do not know if there is a track for you.

              • Thanks, Baloo.  I'll give that a try.  We upgraded from 7.0 to 7.2 at some point, but I'm not sure I tried 7.1.

                • If 7.1 solve your problems right now it is ok. But remember it only gets security updates for like 5 more months before it's EOL.

                  • James Webb Andrew is right on the site speed up! 

                    Version 10 is much faster-loading timeline items. My site has three years of a timeline to review and it was super slow at times just loading that before it did the 10b1 update. I had a few issues during the first week 10b1 came out but was easy to correct via Git. I'm sure much more will be corrected with 10b2.

                    • B2 has corrected issues and is definitely faster.