Michael Newton changed a profile cover
  • Cool! Now, come on, rewrite that copy... with something close to your ppls hearts... like so:

    You’ve been building your dream park of the century, setting up shops, depos, playgrounds and entertaining millions of tiny things that look vaguely like caffeinated humans, if humans were an arrangement of 16pixels that is. You’ve mastered the birds-eye god mode and made a virtual fortune. And yet, you are all alone? Even the multiplayer mode is depressingly limited to the game itself.

    Time for a change! You’re not alone! Join Man Of Teal and share your passion with  your fellow builders, well beyond the walls of the OpenRCT. Show off your creations, gang up, ask and learn, help newbs and  advance the noble cause of being roller-coaster tycoon!

    • I'm blown away by what you just came up with that already hits the spot!

      I just started using the splash on the log in page today. Cleaning it up, I'm going to use some of what you said for sure.

      The new-look of 10 and the new additions, the new way the studio works with the quick menu of the modules; working with that has made making site changes incredibly fast and easy. 

      Such a long journey for and what some fun!