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When will the mobile app deployment for una site users commence?

  • You can already download and deploy, following guidance from this page - - it's fairly technical, but we do know of a few apps that have successfully been compiled and approved.

    We don't announce much yet and don't update until the v10 final release is published, but if you're using the beta channel you can already jump in.

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    • Allow me to massively endorse that

      it's fairly technical

      I spent a solid week and a half trying to get the iOS and Android apps compiled and barely functional. I finally managed to do it after reading more stackoverflow posts then I ever wanted to in a lifetime. 

      To be fair, the bulk of my frustrations lay mostly at the feet of react and it's many quirks and the occasional bugs that Facebook doesn't seem to be interested in fixing until a lengthy forum post commences so it was a lot of upgrading modules, downgrading modules, playing around with different versions of the Android SDK and the iOS SDK, changing react versions, library linking requirements and JavaScript nightmares, etc. 

      It was a learning experience for sure and one I'm also sure I'll have to repeat anytime my fragile House of cards shifts in the slightest but at least for the last couple days it's working okay for me and hopefully will get better and easier over time. 

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      • Two weeks now and I'm still on it. It's frustrating and I feel it should have been different. Yesterday, I thought of abandoning the project and build a web app but then, I'm not the type that quits. Hope I get it before the end of the year. 

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        • I really hope UNA comes through with some more robust help and documentation when it goes final. I'm holding on to this being a low priority in the beta. 

          I guess they are substantially tied to React in the functionality but it's undoubtedly rough going 

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          • Please how long till the  UNA 10 release?

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            • If a product / function , especialiy as vital as the APP , is offered , it needs to work...

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