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Does anyone know how I can get the number of people you're following to show up in the profile meta info, it's in the dashboard profile stats, but I can not find the code thats being generated so I can manipulate it to show in the block. Ive attached a pic so you can see what I'm trying to do. I am hopefully going to add this so it displays over the cover image on profile page too. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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    • The following variables are available in profile stats block (it's in template/scripts/BxBaseServiceProfiles.php file):

              $aVars = array(
                  'profile_id' => $oProfile->id(),
                  'profile_url' => $oProfile->getUrl(),
                  'profile_edit_url' => $oProfile->getEditUrl(),
                  'profile_title' => $oProfile->getDisplayName(),
                  'profile_title_attr' => bx_html_attribute($oProfile->getDisplayName()),
                  'profile_ava_url' => $oProfile->getAvatar(),
                  'profile_unit' => $oProfile->getUnit(0, array('template' => array(
                      'name' => 'unit_wo_info',
                      'size' => 'ava'
                  'profile_acl_title' => _t($aAclInfo['name']),
                  'profile_acl_icon' => $aAclInfo['icon'],
                  'menu' => BxDolMenu::getObjectInstance('sys_profile_stats')->getCode(),

      However there is menu which consist of menu items which can be configured via Studio menu builder.

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