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Hi there,

i have just included a wordpress instance by "in frame" - so that the UNA header will show and load the wordpress blog with the content i´ll put in there.

But what happens if somebody reaches the site without going the regular navigation?

It is possible, that via google & co someone lands on the blog on it´s own and then the UNA header will miss.

Is there anything i can do to load the header if this happens?

Thank you very much.

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  • Hello Martin-sso !

    If the visitor will have a possibility to view-source of your site then he will get the iframe src parameter and could open it separately.

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    • Thank you Leonid, - but my users will be not that much technically.

      They come from google and see a blog, but whenthe site is not loaded in the frame, they will have no clue, that a header exists. So i hope that there is a way to check if the site is loaded insinde a frame - and when not, - to reload the site into this.

      My problem is, that i like to have users from Google and UNA is not much SEO optimized - so i need to load wordpress into the una site (iframe) to have more SEO options.

      But when the Blog pages where found on google, - they will be wordpress sites without the header of una. So i have to load the header after the user opens it on google search results.

      I can have a second header to point to mainframe of UNA - but this will look ugly.

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