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Since UNA 10 RC1 templates have 'Default mix' setting in Studio -> Template app -> Settings: In this case we needed to fill in the value of the setting with a default mix, it template has one (Protean, Lucid). 

So, if you have some custom mix in currently selected template which should be used as default one and 'suddenly' it was reset to another one, you need to go to Studio -> Your current Template app -> Settings -> Select your custom mix in 'Default mix' setting -> Save. 

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    • Also make sure that the mix you are using as default is “published” - use the Publish button. 

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      • Thank you very much Anton for having warned for this. should the list not only display published mixes to avoid what Andrew has talked about?

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        • Lucid does not have a Default mix field. Andrew Boon Anton L 

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