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Several times after installation I receive the following database error on my email:

INSERT INTO `sys_keys` SET `key` = ?, `data` = ?, `expire` = ?

Mysql error:
Duplicate entry '11d0a1d635dad03f7036d1f156721e63' for key 'PRIMARY'

The error was found in query function in the file (path hidden)/inc/classes/BxDolKeyQuery.php at line 24.

No any files were modified. I just installed UNA and started to customize it in Studio.

No users. The email comes in time when no actions are performed in either admin panel or front-end.

Any ideas?

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  • We get a duplicate entry in mysql when i want to change the collation for the smileys. Was linked to the English language pack. Changed to Russian to reinstall English but got an error when i wanted to uninstall. At the moment i can't install English and the old one is still on the dashboard but can't be enabled (half removed) I think i will wait for V10 final and perform a clean install then.

    Greetz, Sander

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    • vladster  Could you please specify you PHP version and your OS type ?

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      • I am not sure about OS as the site is on shared hosting. Unix based for sure, not Windows.

        Php version 7.0

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        • Hello vladster !

          You may try to put in your UNA directory the php file with the following content (for example under the name z.php):



          then reach it via URL like [your UNA URL]/z.php. Then provide us the screenshot with the begin of this file.

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