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I have bought two modules from AQB Soft in the past - the Members Points module and the affiliate matrix script. Great modules and I wanted to use them with dolphin.

Then UNA comes on the table and i asked a simple question:

"Hey, - i like to start my community with dolphin and your plugins - but now UNA will be published. So does it make any sense to install dolphin with the plugins i bought - or is it better to wait for UNA - will these plugins run with UNA?"

The Answer that i got in december 2018:

"Its better to wait for UNA and all plugins portated and will be available in 2 month"

So TODAY i got the finally news, that my plugins are not ready or will cost me an extra fee .... no no no no....

Wait a minute. I HAVE WAITED month .... and now what?

I have to delete my UNA and install dolphin again ... what the f++k!

And then try to get some professionell programmers to run my site

Thank you very much!

Shame on you 

  • Sorry to hear. I know that AQB is working on affiliate module and many are waiting, but it’s not a simple tool and AQB guys prioritize quality.

    • Needless to say, anything having to do with programming technology, digital script, is evolving. It is doing so at a much faster rate than nature in its production of the various life forms. The problem is that it is a moving target and even if you hit it smack on in one instance, you will at some point miss it. Who to blame????

      • 1. You should have installed UNA onto a domain alias. 2. Extra cost is to be expected as apps are more time consuming to make than standard modules. 3. Try not to blame these guys for providing a great service its hard and they cant please everybody but as with all new hardware things have to be changed to work on the new hardware its not so simple

        • Hi, I'm just posting this just to maybe give you a little hope. Many have been a bit frustrated etc... if you can in your own time, give UNA a shot. Goodluck and sometimes when we get frustrated we give up easy, but there are many here that can help you!

          • I you buy a car and you have paid for it and before it is delivered, you ask:

            Hey, there is a new modell coming up. Can i switch to this one, because i heard its better and the old modell will be running out in a few years,

            You get the answer: "OH Yes - it´s better to wait for it"

            And you asked: "But what about the extras in the car, will the all be available in the new modell?"

            "Of cource they will!"

            And you asked: "How long will it take?" .... 2 Month...

            Then you run 1 Month, 2 Month, 3, Month, 4 Month, .....

            over a half year nothing happens.

            You asked again: "2 Weeks!"
            and again "couple of days"
            and this goes on and on and on and on and on.....

            After 3 month - now over a half year is still run on your feet.

            BUT you have told many many people, that you will have this new car and you will use it for benefical needs ... try to get ill people to hospital or something like that.

            And the are waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting.....

            Then finally the car seams to be ready....

            You´ll get it delivered....just the wheels are missing - but it is fully functional ....

            Great.... so you wait and wait and wait ....

            And then you asked ..... "hey, great car but where are the car.keys?"

            "Oh, - we changed a lot on that keys - they will now cost you something extra but we will give you 20% on it"

            HOW DO YOU FEEL WITH THAT????

            Waiting month on a promise and loosing month of time ....
            People are looking at you in your car without the wheels and all you can say to them is:

            "The wheels are coming soon"

            Oh, and don´t forget to pay for the keys.....

            Would you buy again a car from this vendor?

            MAYBE you don´t understand - but THIS is not the way to deal with customers.

            Its a effrontery to ask for money in this situation....

            You should better roll out the red carpet and serve champagne instead....

            Tell my any reason why should i hold that emotions back?

            Can you even imagine, what all depends on this project?

            I am running out of time
            I am running out of money....

            It was a big failure to set on this software ....

            • I also had to wait (years) for UNA, which was built from the ground up for mobile first. The long wait was worth it and I could not be more satisfied.

              Creating or porting an app or a custom plug-in is not like making a cheeseburger. People who can do it are quite rare. If it were quick and easy - you would have done it yourself. Or found a pre-packaged site template to suit your needs.

              With dozens of apps which are available and proven and free, you should continue to develop your site. If the site is based solely upon a one or two custom apps, your time would be better spent doing other things. You would not need UNA for such a project.

              If a third party let you down, that is not a reflection on the UNA core developers or their product. They desire that everyone succeeds. I am certain of it.

              Perhaps things will look different at a later date. 

              Good luck.

              • THIS is no question of apps or programming, but a question of customer care.

                But its needless to say something like that, because in the 21st century nobody seems to remember the "customer is king" principle.

                But it´s okay. the 3/4 year is lost. No need to talk about that anymore.

                So a few bucks more will not kill me. But as i understand the world, - its a good idea to know what is WRONG to improve behavior .... But this is a mystical to the young generation. They will find out in the hard when the economy will drop.

                Just for the future i will remember, that no one ever makes mistakes, but the customer alone must be stupid. ;-) 

                • Hello,

                  First of all we want to apologize for terrible delays!

                  Delays are connected with many factors. UNA doesn't allow to make changes in files to avoid problems with updates and etc... It means that we should make module universal as much as it possible. As we have the list of abilities/features from community members to add to Affiliate System, we are trying to combine them all in one module to make it work for the most part of clients and some parts of modules are changed during development given that UNA updates.

                  Martin-sso , yes you asked about Affiliate System in December but then you disappeared and started to ask again in two months ago. First version of Affiliate System for UNA was installed on your site more then 2 weeks ago and looks like you were satisfied until we told you that the modules are not free and licenses from Dolphin are not transferring to the UNA, but we can provide you with discount.

                  We can not migrate our modules for free from Dolphin to UNA, because these are two different platforms and we should recreate modules from the beginning and then continue to support and update them.

                  We are working on several modules right now and hope we will finish them till the end of the month.

                  Thanks to all for the patience!


                  • I asked in dec ´18 if i will make sense to wait for the module and if it will be migrated to UNA - cause i just bought it and wanted to start in that month. The answer was, - that it will be migrated in 2 month and there was no word about extra fee. But it is okay. It´s not about the money. But in April I started my journey to south europe and i was 100% concerned, that the script is already finished. So 3 month ago I put all my affords in setting up the community. Then 1 realized, that the script it not available.

                    And then i nearly got weekly the promise, that it will be finished "next week" or in a couple of days and so on.... but not worth talking about that.

                    So i have now really lost 2 month waiting from 1 week 2 the next to start...

                    My nerves lay blank .... Yeah, you have installed the script and it looks liek the main function are NOT implemented yet.

                    So my instinct tells me it will take at least another 2 or 3 weeks ... but okay.

                    All ist good, All is fine....

                    But when i let a person wait 3/4 of a year ... i don´t even think about to ask for 40 $

                    But it´s also ok.

                    It´s not about the money. It´s about the way this was handled what really makes me angry.

                    So when my website will run and i need some other script - i think i will need a good nerv doctor, too - and that´s simply what it is all about.

                    The next days i will buy the points modul AGAIN without ever using it before and then i hope that this all will run - but i do not have that much hope ...

                    The energie bar of thrust is nearly at 0%

                    But maybe we will start all over again and with god´s help this will come to an good end finally.....

                    Greetings from portugal


                    • PS: just image, that all the time i have played with installing dolphin to start - but it was always "just a couple of days" - but okay now... we will bring this to the point that we will all be satisfied soon. Thank you very much!