Martin-sso added a discussion

that i am still waiting for the script to be finished,

But who cares?

Maybe one day you should simple say: Sorry. We are not able to finish it!

It´s Semptember 2019
I am waitung since December 2018

And don´t say sorry - because you are not! 

  • UNA is from Dolphin 8 in case you didn't notice.  Look at the code and you will see Dol all through it.  I would think that if Boonex was going to take the old Dolphin 8 they would have at least changed all the DOL to UNA. Also, why is /modules in the directory tree instead of /apps?

    • Yeah, sure. They said UNA is new - but it is a old car with new paintings. Some things - like the backend are very out-dated

      But my problem is more, that AQB Soft tries to tell me, that it will take 9 month to migrate a script THEY have written from Dolphin to UNA.

      I have not spend many time looking into the code - because i have an other way to work today - not coding by myself - but i guess i would have finished the job faster :-D

      9 month

      Do you have any good idea how to start a community with a matrix /multi tier affiliate program and points modul?

      I think for me the only way is not to wait any longer for AQB Soft - they are not thrustworthy - and to look if there is any option to run the community with old Dolphin or maybe another community script.

      Any idea? I really need the community to run soon. 

      • Yea i notice the DOL all the time when editing or looking into the code also your right i knew right away it was older code when i seen /modules i couldn't agree more they should have done better to re-brand the package.

        • It becomes clearer and clearer to me, that all that "we have created a new community software brand new from the scratch" is a big lie....

          I have wasted month to find itout - that all this guys here a liars.... fake innovation just to get some cash ....

          Oh OH .....

          So i will set my aim to dolphin in the latest version and will search for some "!!" professional programers with honour and the ability to fit customers needs.

          Good bye UNA ....

          Anyone like to buy my license? - i will make you a good price.... it´s a all inklusive PRO

          Go and get it.......  :-D

          • Martin-sso, we are sorry you have had bad experience. Because we want to see each other succeed.

            As for your license, are you sure it can be sold and transferred? I don't think so. But I could be wrong. Terms of service and use can be changed without notice. And often are.

                    Good luck!

            • Are you trying to scare my with a fake profile name?

              Oh my god - what a company is this  - a childrens playground?

              Mafia style methods - no wonder that this company struggles

              • Same name I've used since the beginning. Why would you think I have any association with UNA or Boonex? I do not.

                From my Dolphin days others have recommended that forum users do NOT reveal their identity's or their sites.

                Try not to get your feelings hurt so easily. As I said: The vast majority of people on here desire to see others succeed. That would include YOU. No one is using "scare" or "mafia tactics". No one is competing.

                If your license can be transferred just let me know via messenger and I will make you a fair offer.

                         Good luck!

                    David Anderson

                • No need to discuss that.

                  I have thrusted ONCE a person here and it came out, that i have lost month of my time and my project is not started. Now i found out, that the person who said "i will finished it soon" does not even WORK ON IT

                  I never ever in my life had such experience of incompetence like here

                  So "luck" is not what i need - i need some professionals working on it.

                  BUt as i see, - the script will not be finshed this oder next year - so i quit.

                  And guess what? I giv a fuck about what other people mean what licence is.

                  i bought it - i sell it like I want 

                  • Can´t pn you cause of restrictions