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Hi there,

My Messenger here @ just shows me a blank page and also the noticications don´t work.

The problem is the same at my tablet. I can´t see messages/notifications

I can´t find "una" in the cache files and i won´t delete the whole cache and i think that is not the problem, because when i open on tablet it´s the same. 

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  • If have got 2 new messages so i have to add this: 
    Please don´t answer in Messenger because I can´t open it!!

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    • Hi Martin, I just sent you another note on Messenger (Talks). It seemed to have gone through. There was no error messages.

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      • Pleas clear cache. Messenger was updated and you may have cache issues. 

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        • I have cleared the cache and deleted all the files from - but it does not work.

          And on my tablet it´s the same problem. I use now firefox instead of chrome and it works

          But it´s unlucky to always clear the cache. And in this case it won´t help.

          But for me it´s okay. I can switch the browser

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          • What about the browser cache? For some functions clearing it is also a necessity. 

            Sadly, it's not a straightforward thing in some browsers. Thankfully, Safari has a quick pull down menu for "Empty Caches" in the main menu.

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            • Sure, but the cache is not the problem - i have deleted all files containing
              And it´s not up-2-date for a cms software that the end user has to clear the cache every week.
              I just image i have a senior website and tell them every week the procedure - they will die of heart attack ;-)

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