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Dear Developers,

Does anyone know if there is any Tutorials on how to create UNA Modules for newbies.  I looked at the Documentation for all the UNA classes and it looks so RAW with no examples on how to call them or implement them in PHP.

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  • Hello cxlin001 !

    May you please specify the list of questions which you have during this investigation? It will help us to improve our manuals.

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    • Hi LeonidS,

      I have the same question:

      I am looking for something like this:

      1. Creating Your First UNA Module from Scratch
      2. Adding Page and Form to Your Module
      3. Storing the Inputted Data to Database
      4. Retrieving the Stored Data and Displaying on another Page
      5. Sending Email Confirmation when a Form is Submitted
      6. Creating API to retrieve Data from the Database
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