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I'd like to add  "Moderator - Member Support"  to the description of the Moderators member level display block.

Is there any way to change this without access to the server?


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  • Yes go to studio > Permissions > and configure what you want that account to be able to do. You can also creat a level by clicking "Add new level."

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    •  I did configure what a Moderator can do. I changed the description of the block but it didn't change it in the profile block seen in the attachment above.

      I can just make a new level like you suggested in your reply. Thanks Will Monte ...

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      • image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=2160&dpx=1&t=1569450281Go to Studio> Polyglot then search "Moderator" then click edit to add your labels.

        Think that's all you need.

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        • Thanks DeDiary that worked great.

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