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Can anyone tell me how to make the notification icon larger using Lucid template?

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  • Hello John Curtis !

    You may set the own rules for any of the CSS classes in this list: "bx-menu-item-addon bx-def-unit-alert bg-col-red2" via Studio->Lucid->Styles->Custom Styles area.

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    • Thank you LeonidS  but I looked carefully but I wasn't able to find this line. I went to Studio-> Lucid-> Styles-> then opened Custom Styles.

      I could not find any lines with, "bx-menu-item-addon bx-def-unit-alert bg-col-red2".

      I must be looking in the wrong place? 

      I did see this for a Micro Avatar.


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      • Hello, I just tested this: By default the value is 1rem. If you want to enlarge => x1.2
        You can add the following rules in custom style.

        .bx-def-unit-alert {
        min-width: 1.2rem;
        height: 1.2rem;
        line-height: 1.2rem;
        border-radius: 1.2rem;
        font-size: 1.2rem;


        However, do not be too big because you are also blowing other bubbles.

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        • Thanks Baloo . I tried adding this but didn't make any difference. I cleared the cache's in UNA and FireFox but it didn't seem to help. Should this (bx-def-unit-alert) Custom Style already be in the Style for Lucid? I didn't see it in mine.

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          • Hello John Curtis !

            You needed to add the new custom style like Baloo said - just add it to the mentioned area. Also, we may suggest that you didn't publish your mix with these changes and that's why it isn't visible.

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            • Baloo I added the code as you suggested and it changed in the member menu (which is fine) but not next to the profile icon like I was hopingimage_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=2239&dpx=1&t=1570035987.

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