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Hi guys, I'm on the UNA Cloud server with no access to upload directly to the server.

It was suggested to me to upload image files for use on the site thru Timeline then after uploading click on the image in timeline then right click on image and copy image location. This seems to work for a while but they keep disappearing. I'm not deleting or hiding them from timeline.

Anyone have any other ways to upload images to the server for use on the site?

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  • Are you saying that you are paying the prices that Boonex charges for cloud servers and you can't upload to the server?  Perhaps you should come into the light and see me about about hosting.

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    • If you want to have an excellent hosting company, I highly recommend Geek Girl.   Her support is the best I have ever had and you will be very happy with her services and support.  I have been working with many hosting companies since 2002 including Rackspace and her service is the best I have ever had.  I highly recommend her services.

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      • Hello John Curtis !

        Do you notice any common parameters of the uploaded pictures? What sizes?

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        • No LeonidS .  I haven't seen anything in common except for they are all capture images. I use them in the sites help file to give members a visual description on topics along with a text description.  They are many different sizes depending on the subject.

          You can take a look here if you like.

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          • There is a possibility that I often forget. Studio => Storage




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            • Thanks a lot Baloo . I will have to remake all the screen shots sense I already deleted them from my puter. That's a bummer... Lol... And I'll give that a shot.

              Thanks again....


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