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I really like the functionality of Jot Messenger and I have a couple users who are using it as their primary form of communication, consolidating multiple chat apps and using Messenger alone, which kind of surprised me but it works for them. 

I know you guys are planning more Jot features in the future and I’m excited to see Messenger develop and I wanted to add a couple things I would very much like to see in future releases.

  • The ability to @ mention a user and even a different or additional notification when your name is mentioned. This will be incredibly useful in group chats or a shout box to get someone's attention
  • The ability to delete or at least rename an attachment in chat without removing the attachment itself. Screenshots in particular and images overall, especially from Mobile, are presented with whatever file name the system has given it with no easy way to pre-name a file or change it after it's been added to a chat. My example is below.


I'm sure there are additiomal things that others would like to see so if you have some, feel free to comment. 

And to the Boonex/UNA team of Andrew Boon, Alexey, Mark Purser, Alex T⚜️ , LeonidS and any others I haven't met yet, Thank You for all the hard work, your commitment to the platform and for communicating with us. It's great to be a part of a community where you can speak up and be heard and have a dialogue which is pretty rare these days. 

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    • Hello Mosi76  

      Thank you for your kind words! 🙏
      We are working on mentions already. This ability should be available very soon and we will think over ability to edit file names.

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