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I am just now trying to do two different logos for profiles and pages. I uploaded two different banners but the one I upload always shows up on both, no matter what I do. So for my Default pages cover I want it a circle and empty because then the words can be seen and understood. On the profile unit cover
I want to make it my normal banner with the full circle logo. Is this a known issue, or a bug? Does anyone know how to fix it if so?

  • Hello Kyle !

    May you please specify more about your task - do you plan to have 1 cover for all profiles or it should be dynamic? If the first variant then the using of custom cover for the "Cover" settings of the page might be the proper way.

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    • Yes it would be the same for all profiles. I realized this would not work, because anytime you for example open a blog itself it would also have the open circle and make no sense. :P So in this case I guess for each content area I can just set the content main page cover to the one with out words. Thank you for helping me through my confusion

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