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It was fixed with the cache clear multiple times and a MySQL Reboot.

Since doing a database change I keep getting the following database error: 

REPLACE INTO `bx_timeline_cache` SET `type` = 'owner',`context_id` = ,`profile_id` = '',`event_id` = '1328',`date` = '1576078059'

Mysql error:
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '`profile_id` = '',`event_id` = '1328',`date` = '1576078059'' at line 1

The error was found in query function in the file /home/vybz/public_html/modules/boonex/timeline/classes/BxTimelineDb.php at line 409.


Has anyone ran into this after converting. With Froala when I was on MyISAM I had to change to utf8mb4_unicode_ci for collation. Could this be the problem, possibly needing to change type with ?  Ive also upgraded to Litespeed but that should be unrelated.  

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  • I can't speak on behalf of your conversion to InnoDB but I can say that the query you pasted is jacked up. You cannot tell SQL to set values without giving it something within quotes. For example SET value1 = 'Something', value2 = 'Else', etc..

    If you look at you query where it has `context_id` = , you will notice there are no quotes or values here. So you will get an error. Even if you do not want anything in the value, you still have to use the quotes like it did with `profile_id` = '', 

    I assume you have already cleared you database cache after the conversion. 

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    • I did clear the cache yes, at least from UNA. I am guessing there is another spot to clear cache for MySQL  Nothing else has been changed. I exported, converted MyISAM TABLES TO INNODB, imported. Hope I didnt break nothing. Doesn't seem to be causing issues at moment will have to mess with it after work. 

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      • Well good update, restarted MySQL and no database errors :) Tried messing with timelines and events because they seem to both have been the areas causing errors and seems to be OK. I also cleared the cache manually and from the studio like 6 times because  it never clears it all. So far, all is good. Thank you Chris for your help. I work tech support for a living and always the first thing we do is have them restart their machine. It is the one thing I did not do, because I was more worried about what could have been corrupt and overthinking. :P

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