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Hi all

How to make a .gif animation when loading on cms? At the moment, if you upload .gif animation is not available, how to solve the animation?

Как сделать анимацию .gif при загрузке на cms? На данный момент если загрузить .gif анимация отсутствует, как разрешить анимацию ?

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    • Go here obtain a API key then go to studio > messenger and enter the key in the Gif API empty bar apave

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      • Will Monte - That is only specific to the Messenger app. The only way to get a GIF to load in a post that I have found is to use the "Embed URL" icon in the Froala editor. Just paste the link to the gif file there and it will animate for you.


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        • Oh i see, it would be nice if the Froala editor would have an icon for GIF

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          • Seems the "Picture" icon works too. 


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            • That's right, duhhh, well there goes


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              • GIF still doesn't work in covers, Background images, etc...that needs to change. Also SVG format is only accepted in Icons image upload and literally nowhere else. SVG is the best image format for web images so it should be enabled anywhere images can be uploaded. 

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                • That's because the images you mentioned get 'resized' when they're uploaded.  That's why gifs won't animate. 

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                  • One of the Gifs I tried to upload is almost as big as the width of my phone yet I've been able to upload it in discussion and comment section where it gets resized and animates fine. Also in Dolphin it was never a problem either for covers and backgrounds.

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                      • I understand that the built-in function in una not to download and display my(own) gif ???

                        I wanted to upload gif as an ordinary photo in loader and display gif on website...

                        Я так понял, что встроенной функции в una нету для загрузки и отображения собственные gif
                        Я хотел,загружать gif как обычное фото через загрузчик и отображать gif на сайте

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                        • Hello Andrew Ua !

                          These uploaders resize the given image. This process breaks the animation.

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