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Hi, I'm trying to enable Account Creation for all user levels. Since this is a project where any user will discretionally "invite" (create) new users that are real-life close friends, we need to enable the access to the Sign-Up form from a Menu available while users are logged in. 

The idea is that the Members will enroll their contacts (close friends) directly and those invitees will receive an email to confirm the account creation, add more details to their respective profiles and to enroll more people. Is there any way to do it from the php code (not sure if it is on BX_DOL_INT_MAX)? or maybe changing the value of the "DisabledforLevels" field (table "sys_acl_actions", ID:17 "create account") from "2147483646" to "0"?

Thanks in advance.

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    • That sound like a great idea - but why not just invite them to register and that way they select their credentials, name, avatar, covers, description etc... 

      Happy New Year and good luck with the project.

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