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Changed over to a new Panel that uses the domain name as folder in home instead of the user (What all do I need to change?) I changed the already and site is live, but it still looks for ffmpeg in the old folders etc. So are there more files I need to edit? 

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  • if you also set the define('BX_SYSTEM_FFMPEG' parameter then you just need to clear cache from studio > Dashboard > the small arrow on the right side of Cache title.
    if you may write the errors here we may have a better idea.

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    • Was right in the to 😑 Been having a weekend full of figuring stuff out so my brain has hit a breaking point :P By the way if anyone was wondering how well UNA would with Cyberpanel, So far so good. Biggest things that were an issue for me were MariaDB from MySQL, DNS, Had to add my IP aliases took me a long time to figure this out and other then that my migration from CPanel went beautifully. 

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