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im wondering if theres any chance of letting user add theres own social icon ? like twitch,mixer, twitter etc on there profile ? i wonder if  we could make UNA a social exchange type of website

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  • you can its easy to add custom profile info slots of all kinds but cant explain it too well right now as i cant get onto my site right now i set up a custom profile question wich is a 4 digit pin this is the users security pin when contacting support for any reason support can ask for that pin that only admins can see the user cant they just remember it so we know we are talking with the account owner and not a hacker set it up on org profiles for now

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    • I mean when user create an account they have and options to add there user name link too the social profile. Example twitch with icon username instead of seen the full link twitch.tv/ add username/ . No logins required . Its like a button if it’s possible 

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      • Iike linktr.ee

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        • you have 2 ways of doing this one setting up a profile question or 2 setting it up where users post there own social icon and link that icon to there dif social profiles i know how to do both but im away from my website right noiw will be till i get it reconnected

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          • Ok cool

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            • can you write to me how to do it, please!

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