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Hi all.

I would like to export members (including Profile Names) from my site to a CSV format / Excel. I now can easily export Accounts through phpMyAdmin in cPanel, but the list does not include Profile Names. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks for your help.

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  • You can export the following two tables, sys_accounts and bx_persons_data. Then you open the two tables in excel and you copy / paste the column "name" of the table "sys_accounts" in "bx_persons_data", I just did it seems to be ok from start to finish.

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    • Baloo  if there are more than one profile for a member is it still possible to merge like described?

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      • Good question Cem, I did not think about that, it is true that I tested here with only one profile per account.

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        • No, in the case of a multiprofile site this is not as simple, there will be a gap between the two tables ...

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          • I think I found an easier/accurate solution (YouTube video name below - I can't include links). I basically ran a query in phpMyAdmin combining the two tables, then exported the results. Hope it helps.

            'MySQL tutorial 15 - joining 2 tables'

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