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i have added a title to comment and share and i want also to add it to like button. i went to Navigation, items, timeline, items action and i fund it disabled, 

please tell me where i have to go to add title to Like button?

please see image attached

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  • Hello
    1. There are three voting elements there: Vote (Like), Reaction and Vote (Up/Down). For now Reaction is used by default.

    2. Voting elements use so-called 'objects' which are needed to generate the whole voting element including Icon, TItle, Voting popup and so on. Unfortunately, in case of voting objects there is no way to add/remove title via Studio -> Navigation builder.

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    • thank you for your answer 

      could you please how can i add it from code ?

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      • Hello bouhlal !

        It will require to develop a new custom template with the change template/menu_custom_hor.html file and the redeclared methods like getMenuItems from template/scripts/BxBaseMenu.php parent class. More details youmay also find here 

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        • thank you very much

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