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Curiously, my site upgraded yesterday to v11.0.0 without me asking it to. 

I was sure I disabled Auto-Update but when I checked it was enabled. I moved my site recently (over a month ago) so maybe the Auto-Update accidentally got re-enabled as part of that but I didn't specifically enable it. 

I've now disabled it again.

My site has been online 24/7 so no idea why it decided to upgrade all of a sudden and didn't do this before. Not to worry though.

The upgrade seems to have completed ok without error and so far I've not noticed any issues. Are there any specific check I should do to make sure I haven't got any issues? 

I wasn't planning on upgrading till v11 (stable) was released.

Is there a list of new features available in v11 anywhere I can look at??

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    • Hello r00nster !

      Yes, if the option "auto-update" is enabled then the site will be updated automatically. ABout new features of UNA 11 you may read here also Andrew Boon will make a special post soon.

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      • Thanks LeonidS.

        I get that but as I said I'm sure it was disabled. Also it definitely hasn't been changed in the last day or so but the update only installed yesterday ??

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        • sir option to update the script to V11 is available, but it doesn't get updated,

          i get the message as well i.e.

          Site will be upgraded within a minute.
          Don't forget to check for modules updates after that.

          but it doesn't get updated automatically?

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          • Need to check the Cron Jobs execution in Studio->Dashboard->Server Audit area, the line "Last Cron Jobs" execution.

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            • Yep. Cron job is running fine thanks. Not noticed (or had reported) any negative effects as yet. 

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              • thank you <3 there was a problem in my cron jobs.... i rectified it, thnx

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                • I have the same problem. 

                  • Cron jobs -

                    */10 * * * * perl /var/tmp/vZVgZWj >/dev/null 2>&1

                    if you are unsure if output is correct then manual server audit may be required
                  • Last cron jobs execution - None

                  Could you help me? Which line should I add and how?

                  */10 * * * * perl /var/tmp/vZVgZWj >/dev/null 2>&1

                  or specific line?


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                  • This line looks very suspicious
                    */10 * * * * perl /var/tmp/vZVgZWj >/dev/null 2>&1
                    I would suggest to ask hosting support to ask what is it for and check contents of  /var/tmp/vZVgZWj file if it isn't malicious script.

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