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Hi una, When I am trying to post video through status update. Your app is getting crashed. Please check Thanks and Regards, Travis K 
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  • Same issue with video button on post module. 

    I am using Samsung galaxy note 10 plus of that helps. 

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    • Leonid S Mark P 

      hi guys, is there any plan to fix this .. i am facing same problem with my mobile app.

      app is getting crashed , whenever i am trying to add video.

      without this we can use post module with mobile app.

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      • I have tested repeatedly on iOS & never a problem. We are about to release update for mobile app - hopefully this might fix the problem with your device.

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        • hi, i am using android 10. can u check with this version once.

          the problem started for me when i made change from full text mode to mini mode in text field option of post module.

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          • Yes Mark P  this video upload problem is observed from the beginning for Android.

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