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There is no upgrade button in the studio dashboard for me to upgrade my software. If I hadn't already purchased the upgrade, I would expect the button to take me to the purchase upgrade screen. Since I already purchased the software, I expect a button to be there to upgrade.

I had set up my site not to automatically update anymore when I lost funding. Recently, there has been renewed interest in my site and I have more funding. I would like to impress them with the new version hopes of getting more funding so I can maintain the site updates year round.

At present, I have completed this change:

change the following line in inc/classes/BxDolInstallerUtils.php file:




I have set the site to force autoupdates in the settings. I don't know how to force it to upgrade.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks so much for your time!

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  • Hello Btasey !

    As we checked together on your admin panel you have some troubles with the keys-secret pairs and Cron Jobs. It needs to fix them first.

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