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This (lack of) spacing issue just appeared on the Timeline. You will notice it right after the Member's name. Perhaps it has been addressed in the Discussions. I did not see where. 

Is there a quick fix?

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    • Hello Canine Domesticus !

      Couldn't reproduce it from my side. I suggest that you haven't space in the language key _bx_timeline_txt_user_added_sample which is responsible for the messages like this. By default, it has the value like {0} added {1} . So you may check it via Studio->Polyglot->Keys area.

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      • Very interesting. I appreciate you shedding some light on this topic. I am so glad that the issue is just with me.

        I have learned so much from this UNA forum. 

                Thank you to Leonid!

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        • Solved. This odd spacing issue suddenly appeared out of nowhere. With the information provided by Leonid I was able to restore the spacing by the use of the html space character  ( & n b s p ; ) in a few of my Timeline Keys via Polyglot.

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