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What are some new mods you would like to See? What imrovements to graphical interface would you like to See? 

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  • una story block on timelline like in facebook and instagram. Also, improved load time and increase user interface on timelines

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    • The exclusive content we had on Dolphin: (Just a few)

      * More detailed Timeline and ability to change background (see pics)



       * Featured Video, Music, Photo Module integrations (See photo)


      * Memorial module


      YouTube connect Module


      * Schools Module


      * ECards Module


      * Website Link Module


      * Flowers Module


      * Gifts Module


      Premium Gifts Module


      * Drinks Module (Like Dolphin)


      * Tag Module


      * Greeting Module (Like Dolphin that offered more than a simple greeting)

      * Top Friends Module (Like Dolphin)

      * Interested Module


      * Friends connect Module


      * Hot Spot Module


      OWNED Game Module


      * Some form of integration for Spotify Music

      * Soundcloud Module


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      • * A GOOD integrated Photo Editor (Feature filled)

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        • I would be down with going half on having some of those mods built (reasonable prices) in some up comming months after the economy starts to straighten out more. We can get quotes from UNA developers. 

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          • Most of those mods were built by a awesome coder who went by Modzzz on the Dolphin Market. But he hasn't been available do to some huge hurricane that wiped out where he lives. So we have been on our own when it comes to any of those modules, unless some of the coders here step up. 

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            • I have heard a rumour that Modzzz may be releasing modules for UNA.

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              • Along mods, would be great any dating-focused template and some more theme options.

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                • If Modzzz would allow users to buy his mods in Dolphin and allow them to be formatted to UNA that would be cool. All he has to do is just put something on his mods store saying along the lines of "Buying this mod also allows the user to transfer the license to UNA. He can put an option of "buy mod for Dolphin or buy mod for UNA". If bought for UNA that would give permission for user to find developer to transform code to UNA format. Modzzz could get paid without having to keep transferring all his mods to UNA.

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