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Create a page/pages that show all availible live rooms. The pages would have search function/filters. Any user that is live can have a public room where anyone can join or a private room but listed publicly with a join button. Admin can create a "what type of room are you creating" category form. They can later be searched by other users looking for rooms under that category. 

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  • Hello Will Roberts !

    Do live rooms relate to Chat / Messenger feature like you mentioned in other thread?

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    • Yes. With users now able to create Group Live Chats using Jitsi integration I believe this "Live Rooms" Page would be great for people to drop in or ask to join in rooms. Say I am creating a group live about Cats or Dogs etc. While creating a Live there would be an added form menu that would ask "Make this room public?". If checked "Yes" it let any users join into the group live chat. Also part of the form would be another check box that would ask "Anyone" or "Must ask permission". 

      Please Check *

      [ ] Make Room Public  [ ] Private

      If Make Room Public is Checked *

      Please Check One

      [ ] Available For Anyone   [ ] Request to Join

      If the person creating the live chat checks make room public then they would appear on the page with a temperary button link. When pressed the person would auto join in the group. If the person creating the live chat checks request to join then a request notification would be sent the the creator of the room with a simple "Allow this user to join {User name}?" The creator can deny or allow the request. LeonidS 

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      • Also interested in this. but also want the option of rooms to be purely audio, audio/chat, or just chat.

        Also what is this jitsu stuff and how do I know I have it?

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        • Jitsi allows you and your users to just use audio if thats how you wanted it

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          • Hi All!

            It depends only from the integration of Jitsi. You may find the code for every case and insert it via HTML or RAW blocks.

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