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Seems like a lot of people are having errors on personal servers alot. While this is obviously expected I wonder if these errors are more server related than actual UNA related. Reason why I'm mentioning this is because most of the error questions/problems members put in discussions seem to want a respnse from Boonex Team. While this is appropriate in some ways it also seems to divert their attention away from UNA related problems and suggestions thus spreading thin their work. Maybe add a Label for support thats not related to UNA or Dolphin itself but to something else as I see a lot of discussions tucked away in UNA Platform but in reality its usually just server or file configuration errors that are unrelated to UNA directly. I see more Developers responding to server or coding or other errors unrelated to UNA than to Suggestions, Feedback, and content for UNA itself. Just my thoughts

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  • Maybe if Andrew hadn't blocked some of the server people from UNA there would be more support from people that manage servers.  Just Saying.

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    • I think that it is an UNA caching and database issue that is producing the errors. Even if the admin disables the cache, there is still something going on. I'm not going to lie this software is badass, but there are just a few things that can't go together in a 7.5 billion people world.


      So I am saying let's focus on scaling horizontal.

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      • Hi Genesis !

        May you please specify more details about this part "Even if the admin disables the cache, there is still something going on.". Any examples?

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