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Hi All,I want to use una website and app for field service/operation company. Below is what i am looking for..1.I am thinking to have one attendance module where user can login with their current location and keep tracking until they checkout.2.and one work related module where user will submit picture with location and submit some fields.3.For back office i want to create a role of manager where he can check who was present on what date and how much work they have done.Is there any developer available to create this. Currently we doing in excel sheet which is little time consuming.Thanks and Regards,Travis K
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    • thanks .. i send him a msg waiting for his reply..

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      • thanks .. i send him a msg waiting for his reply..


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        • sounds like you want to tie in with some sort of gps location?

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          • Hi travis k - our UNA developers can possibly help - I'll send you a PM. 

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            • regardless of which developer you engage, you should be aware of possible issues and restrictions from browsers and operating systems against allowing tracking in the background, which it seems that you will require for this spec. If you are creating native mobile apps, you will need customisation to make the apps perform this function, so your developer should have skills in this also.

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              • Hi mark, 

                Please update once your get time. I chat with multiple developers but all are occupied with other projects. 

                Regarding gps location, if current una app can take gps location while check in and check out of attandance and while taking pic to submit the task. This much specification will be enough for field services. 

                We will hire app developer to create app in react native later on. But we need the module first for attendence and project module for task submission. 

                Thanks and Regards, 

                Travis k 

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                • Hi I have started a website which is a community space for people to barter|Swap|Share|Give Away.

                  I have tried to configure the site best I could but I need a developer to help me with the rest. Is there someone out here that can help me?

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