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Is there a way to have the specific key of a variable.

For example in this image I want to change translation of "Active" but I found 311 records in bx_personsΒ 



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    • I know you can change menu item names. There's the system name and then under that would be "title" name. You can change the Title names in Navigation and Forms apps if you're just trying to change the specific Active title in Navigation

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      • Hello David Medina !

        It is the _bx_persons_menu_item_title_entries_active key. When you use Studio->Polyglot->Persons module and enter to the search box the Active word then you will have not so many results.

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        • hi LeonidS I see "0" records in Persons


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          • Put in Active under search

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            • Any record


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              • Well, then those keys are missing in the database. So if you change some available leys in Polyglot - does this action affects other keys?

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                • No, it doesn't affect other keys.

                  I think we have problems with translation when we developed the spanish module .... uppps!😫 

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                  • Hi David,Β 

                    Δ°f you are searching for an English key, it's needed to activate the English module and set your interface language to English otherwise the English keys can not be found.

                    İ see that the studio is in English in the screenshot , but many of the translations don't include studio interface, may be you have done so 😊.

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