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When I open my site in mobile I see that my logo site is overlapping the "+", Β please your help to know how can I fix it



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    • I noticed that. You may need to disable one of the other icons in the member toolbar.

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      • I would like to have all icons... I think the solution is decreasing logo size in this it possible to set a different a logo size only in mobile displaying?

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        • Not that I am aware of. You could go into templates and reduce the scale in the mobile view port. It will make everything a little smaller.

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          • maybe someone here could provide code to move the logo to the left side in the header.

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            • Hi all!

              Please specify the template where you have this trouble and the parameters of your logo in Studio->Designer app. By default, too long and inner logos should "hide" the fewer points of the menu.

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              • Β Hi LeonidS I am using Decorous Β in a custom mix.

                If system should "hide" I think it is a bug?Β 

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                • Mobile view isn't suitable to fit many icons there, it's recommended to hide some icons for mobile view in Studio > Navigation > Items. And make these item available from another place, form example account menu.

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                  • Hi Alex T⚜️ I am trying to do it but I don't find that icon in "Items"Β  I see fromΒ  "+"Β 


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                    • Not sure what you mean, as I see It's first item on your screenshot named "Add Content", you need to edit it and hide on mobile view:

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