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I am an O2 mobile customer and frequently have issues getting codes to log in to Paypal and many others wesbites. I find authenticator apps are more reliable and don't have to wait for a text or have the issue with not receiving the text at all waiting for users mobile providers to fix the issues, stopping users from logging in.Β 

I have also had the same complaint about Three and EE.

Maybe integrating the use of Microsoft, Google or another popular one is Authy.

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    • I want the Google authenticator. I was looking at this earlier today actually to see an alternative for Twilio.

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      • Twilio own Authy. The same as Google Auth.Β 

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        • Twilio own Authy. The same as Google Auth.Β 

          The thing is SMS is not always reliable and when someone can't sign in because a carrier is not getting the text they give up and don't come back sometimes. I know I have given up with some sites that only provide SMS verification.

          I think Genesis means is he wants the google auth to work with google cloud console. That would be an alternative.

          On most of my sites, I provide Google Auth as an alternative to SMS verification due to the issues mentioned. My Google Auth works by using Google Cloud Console and its two-factor services.Β 

          Even a general one. Like I can use the following to login to my google account.Β 

          Authy (iPhone and Android App)

          Google Auth Obviously

          Microsoft Authenticator


          This way people don't have to wait for a SMS that may never come.Β 

          At the moment I won't activate Two-Factor on my UNA sites due to this. Also, I find Twilio so expensive.Β 

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          • Thank you for the idea, it's planned for the future already

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            • Today Apple and android users don’t receive sms typically, it’s more of a messenger system for in network (meaning Apple to Apple or Android to Android) so the google cloud with is a great solution if they have data/WiFi connection. Which they should if logging into a site. Apple has their own limited system but it’s nowhere near as far along as Androids.Β 

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