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Is it possible to disable the cover of the profile page and leave only the profile picture and profile actions, if so how? thank you

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    • Hello hans !

      Yes, you may go to Studio->Pages->Persons->View Profile page area, click the Settings button, the Cover tab and choose the "Disabled" variant.

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      • Thanks LeonidSΒ  , but I would like to just leave the profile picture and turn off the cover

        like profile page

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        • The profile cover doesn't influence on the profile pic. May you please specify the screenshot with the desired example?

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          • ThanksΒ LeonidSΒ , On the first image, arrow 1 represents the cover that I am trying to deactivate and arrow 2 represents the profile image that I intend to leave on the page


            In this image we can see how the profile page looks when I turn off the cover in studio / pages / people / settings / cover


            This last image is from tik tok, it's a profile image

            the arrow shows the result I am looking for in UNA


            my problem is to turn off the profile cover and just leave the photo, but when the cover is off, the photos too. is it possible to do this with basic settings

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            • Got it. So you may hide the cover via Studio->[Your template]->Styles-[Your mix]->Cystom Styles area. Just added there the code like:

              .bx-base-pofile-cover-image {

              display: none;


              This is the easiest way.

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              • Thank you LeonidSΒ 

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