Andrew Boon
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Facebook reports that people spent 50 million hours less on Facebook! That's 5707 years. Note, that Facebook has super-smart tools that take care of making this metric go up no matter what, and it still went down. I truly hope that this is the beginning of the social web liberation era.
  • I've been saying this for years. Facebook buyers beware. I started to get curious when I noticed my daughters  and all their friends avoiding FB. Mind you they are all over Insta - but it doesn't seem that they will ever willingly convert to the FB platform. No doubt the strategists at FB have contingencies for this but will those plans work? I'm doubtful, I have been for years. It think the FB jugganaut is going to eat itself.

    And it will be for the same reasons that people turned away from traditional media, towards FB in the first place.  People want freedom of information, freedom of expression and perhaps most importantly, ownership of their own intellectual property and identity. We thought, naively, that FB was going to give us that, they pretended to for a few years and then showed their true colors. The sold us out wholesale to whomever was prepared to pay for us, and kept all the profits of our hard work for themselves.

    Are the people going to be satisfied with Facebook as an end game solution for social media? Ownership of your identity, your networks, your deeply personal information and manipulation of your identity and messages for the gain of their shareholders? I think not. Then people want freedom, and they won't settle until they get it. The future is still social, but the future ain't Facebook.

    I choose to believe in a future of social media that is truly focused on end user satisfaction and liberation of the democratic process.