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I was wondering if the feature to Block/Unblock members was going to be added to UNA core anytime soon. I know there is a Black List product by AQB Soft that is available however, I did not want to purchase the module if it ended up being a basic feature in the near future. I have had that happen before. 😎 

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    • I do not see it in UNA 12 or in the Dev notes. AQB Soft apps are robust and developer responds. I'd stay away from MSolutions have been waiting for months on a response and fix. 

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      • Hi Chris, I asked the same question in 2018 and a ticket was opened at that time, see here:

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        • 😂 I guess that answers my question. If it hasn't made it as a core function in 2 years, might as well buy it. If this ends up being a core function AFTER I buy it, I am going to have a word or 2 with Andrew Boon hahahaha

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          • Hey AQB Soft - Can you update your Black List module so that it is compatible with UNA 12 please?

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            • Hello. Currently available version of 'Black Lists' app can be used under UNA 12.

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