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The photos module on my site does not update.  The installed version is BoonEx • 10.0.2.DEV .  The info popup for the app tells me that version 12.0.1 is available however, it does not show up in my updates.  How should I resolve this issues.  Leonid S  perhaps you can login and have a look. Your credentials are still valid.

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    • Solved!  Thanks Alex T⚜️ 

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      • In my particular situation because the installed module was an old Dev version it was not picking up an update. I was advised to change the module version number to 10.0.1 in sys_modules table. After this was done the update to 10.2 appeared and it was just a matter of clicking updates as the incremental numbers popped up in the updates. I clicked through and am now at version 12.0.1.  This fix by Alex T⚜️ worked for me.  

        However, I do not recommend that you do this for any other modules without getting guidance from the UNA team.  In my case it work but if you have other modules or situations - DO NOT use this without guidance.

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