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Add a profile or cover image. There is no crop option. Where is the crop button?

I just installed the system. i loaded the language file and could not see it afterwards. I translated it into english and german language. same again. no crop option. picture is loading. just no crop button.

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    • Hello MuhammeT !

      May you please specify your UNA version, in what module did you try to upload and what OS and browser do you use?

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      • UPDATE - possible you need to apply this fix or upgrade your UNA till 12 RC1 version.

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        • I clicked the update article. but there was no update. automatic update to make it active and passive. again the problem is not resolved. how successful to install update? can you help me.

          thank you.

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          • why when i clicked update the update was not successful.

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            • multiple language options installed. i remove some of these language options. the problem is resolved.

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