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I would like to take this plugin(Mass Mailer - ) for my site.

I wonder if there is any limit to it? Like the sending number or something?

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    • Hello vijuga !

      No, there is no similar limit. It has the interval to clear old campaigns and the possibility to send the message to the specific permissions levels with the proper HTML code in the message's body.

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      • Hi LeonidsΒ 

        thank you very much

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        • Hi

          I’ve done a few close campaigns but my messages aren’t coming.

          What's the problem ?

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          • You will need to have SMTP mailer setup - emails & notifications set from your domain will likely go to junk. If you use a 3rd party SMTP Mail service such as Mandrill, you are more likely to get delivered. The only restriction here is that you obviously need to pay per email.

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            • As far as I've seen the message arrives but only when I type ...mysite.../periodic/cron.....

              How to fix this problem?

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                  • Cron jobs -


                    if you are unsure if output is correct thenΒ manual server auditΒ may be required
                  • Last cron jobs execution - 8 Feb 2021 9:48:40 pm

                  I honestly don’t know how to set it up to work.

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                  • The problem is solved so that instead of SHELL = "/ bin / bash"

                    * * * * * / opt / alt / php72 *** / usr / bin / php -q

                    Php72 adds the version that is on your server

                    Thanks a lot and LeonidS :)Β 

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