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When writing a post it show up seamlessly on the "group page" in this example but if I click on "posts" as in the screenprint it says "Empty"?

I think I am doing something wrong can someone help me?

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    • Seems only public post are are seen on the post homepage. Other context posts in groups, space, events, etc will not appear on post homepage

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      • Thank you very much! I am wondering though (testing) and all posts in this particular case are public! What do you think can be the issue (want to add) -the "empty" section on the print-screen is when logged in!

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        • Hello skvaller !

          ON the given example you show us the group view page. So you need to check if that group has some posts that belonged it and what visibility this group has.

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          • I have 2 questions regarding posts.: One it seems that Group Posts (that a given user belongs to) does not show up in the 'Latest Post' feed. This must be an error.

            Q2: Is there a Standard Block that Shows ALL relevant posts, videos, images etc. in one continuous feed - so that all relevant posts are sorted on time and not grouped on type in the blocks?

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            • Hello kurell !

              q1 - plz specify, do you mean the Timeline feed in the Group view page?

              q2 - what does show this block in your group pview page? It should contain all posts of this group.

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              Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.

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